Proper Cleaning: How It Affects the Outcome of High-level Disinfection

Proper Cleaning: How It Affects the Outcome of High-level Disinfection

New White Paper exploring how proper cleaning affects the outcome of high-level disinfection available to read or download here:

Evidence has been presented that semi-critical devices, devices that come in contact with mucous membranes or non-intact skin, such as endoscopes and endocavity probes, cause more healthcare associated infections than non-critical or critical medical devices. The number of infections from semi-critical devices is partially accounted for by the narrow margin of safety associated with reprocessing these devices by cleaning and high-level disinfection (HLD)1. Therefore, any deviation from recommended protocols can hinder HLD and leave a device contaminated with microorganisms. One critical step to achieving adequate HLD is... Read More

About CS Medical

Founded in 2003, CS Medical LLC is a leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing medical devices that are designed to provide cleaning and high-level disinfection of ultrasound probes. Our products are engineered and developed with one single objective in mind: to minimize the potential of patient exposure to improperly reprocessed ultrasound probes. Our core products, the TEEClean® Automated TEE Probe Cleaner Disinfector and Ethos Automated Ultrasound Probe Cleaner Disinfector, are examples of our ongoing commitment to innovation and to the health and safety of medical patients and staff.

Beyond cleaning and high-level disinfection of endocavity and surface ultrasound probes, CS Medical believes in managing the quality of care given to delicate ultrasound probes. Our product offering provides solutions for healthcare facilities to minimize ultrasound probe damage and reduce the potential of contaminating high-level disinfected probes prior to use. The products address the following areas: bedside cleaning, point of care cleaning, electrical leakage testing, drying, transporting, and storing the ultrasound probe. Our objective is to manage the care given to each ultrasound probe thus allowing for a reduction in healthcare associated infections.

Located in Creedmoor, North Carolina, CS Medical's products provide quality device care and storage by minimizing healthcare operational costs, improving device readiness, and increasing regulatory compliance.