PullUp Probe Covers

Provides a barrier between the probe shaft and TPorter case.


The PullUp Probe Cover and Bio-Barrier sleeve provides separation from the TEE probe and the TPorter.

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PullUp Bio-Barrier Sleeve

The PullUp Bio-Barrier Sleeve provides a method to identify and prevent exposure to a potentially biohazardous TEE probe during transportation. When used in the TPorter® Transport Device it performs critical functions in the overall safe handling and identification of the TPorter contents. The TEE probe should be enzymatically pre-cleaned after removal

from the patient’s esophagus and the PullUp correctly identifies the contents of the cover as potentially biohazardous. The biohazard cover prevents the enzymatic solution from coming into contact with other components of the TEE Probe that are not able to be high-level disinfected. The biohazard cover completely encases the insertion tube of the TEE probe.

PullUp is a registered trademark of Protek Medical Products, Inc.

PullUp Probe Cover

The PullUp Probe Cove is designed to be used once the endocavity probe has been properly high-level disinfected and dried. The probe cover is designed to provide a barrier between the high-level disinfected endocavity probe shaft and the environment. A new PullUp cover should be used for each procedure set up and delivery to the examination room. The PullUp probe cover can be used within the CleanShield® Ultrasound Probe Storage Cabinet as an added barrier during storage.

Catalog Number, CS-202925
PullUp Endocavity Probe Covers, Case of 200

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PullUp™ TEE Probe Cover, 100 per case
PullUp™ Bio-Barrier Sleeve, 100 per case
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