Web-Based In-Service Training

An on-demand tool to meet competency requirements
Web-Based In-Service Training

Web-Based In-Service Training
Web-Based In-Service Training

CS Medical's web-based training provides compliance to The Joint Commission (TJC) for competency and training of staff charged with using the TD 100® Automated TEE Probe Disinfector or the TEEClean® Automated TEE Probe Cleaner Disinfector. The web-based training program provides the proper use and preventative maintenance for the TD 100 or the TEEClean as well as an overview of the TEE Complete Care® suite of products. The healthcare professional simply logs into the portal, enters an access code and begins the video training. Once the training video has been completed, a quiz to determine competency of the material is taken by the participant. A successful score results in a certificate of competency given to the participant.

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When CS Medical installs a TD 100 or a TEEClean, our factory trained service engineers perform a device verification to ensure proper operation and then conducts an in-service training to all staff assigned to use the TD 100 or TEEClean. The web-based training program covers the same material that is reviewed at the on-site installation and device verification.


  • Accessible by anyone 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

  • Web-based: accessible on mobile and desktop devices

  • Certificate can be downloaded or printed out and placed into a personnel file

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    The web-based training program is ideal to meet TJC requirements outlined in sections IC.02.02.01, LD.03.06.01-EP4, HR.01.05.01 and HR.01.06.01.

    The training portal allows healthcare chains or facilities with multiple individuals to identify a super user that then can review each participant's program status, results and print a master document showing each participant's successful completion of the web-based training program.

    The web-based device training is ideal to address staff turnover or new staff hire since it is available on demand.


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Web-Based In-Service Training, Five User License Web Based
Web-Based In-Service Training, Ten User License Web Based
Web-Based In-Service Training, Twenty User License Web Based
Web-Based In-Service Training, Thirty User License Web Based
Web-Based In-Service Training, Fifty User License Web Based
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