TDefender Disposable Distal Tip Protector

Protects the distal tip of TEE ultrasound probes from damage


When it comes to handling transducers, damage can occur during the storing and transporting process. TEE probe protection is critical for patients' health and safety, and repairing and replacing ultrasound probes is a lengthy and costly expense for a facility, spending an average of $4,000.

The TDefender™ Disposable Distal Tip Protector is a single-use device that protects the distal tip of a TEE ultrasound probe from shock damage during transportation and storage.

TDefender is a part of the TPorter® products and accessories that allow healthcare personnel to move delicate TEE ultrasound probes throughout the facility and deliver them in a manner that creates a standardized operating procedure. Altogether, the TPorter products prevent damage and create a standardized workflow.

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TDefender Disposable Distal Tip Protector, Box of 100
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