Ethos® SelectCare Device Management Programs

Ensure Ethos up-time with SelectCare
Ethos® SelectCare™ Device Management Programs

Ethos® SelectCare™ Device Management Programs
Ethos® SelectCare™ Device Management Programs

Ethos cleaner disinfector is built to deliver the same result each cycle, to clean and high-level disinfect a surface or endocavity ultrasound probe as defined by the Spaulding Classification system.  Ethos, like any other medical device, requires regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure optimal function and to ensure performance is meeting the necessary parameters related to time and temperature for cleaning and high-level disinfection of an ultrasound probe.

CS Medical has created the Ethos SelectCare offering to allow owners of Ethos to determine what works best for them and their respective healthcare system.  Ethos SelectCare has four options to pick from that will allow you to have the confidence that Ethos is effectively cleaning and high-level disinfecting your soiled endocavity and surface ultrasound probes.  You can elect to have CS Medical trained technicians manage the care of your device or through the CS Medical training program our staff can educate and support your internal biomedical or clinical engineers in the daily and yearly support of your Ethos automated cleaner disinfector.

SelectCare CheckPoint

SelectCare CheckPoint is to ensure the safety and efficacy of cleaning and high-level disinfection operations with Ethos.  This on-site service offering is post-warranty and Ethos will monitor and alert you when your critical component service is required at the 5,000 cleaning and high-level disinfection cycle preventative maintenance event.  In addition to the preventative maintenance, a CS Medical field service technician will conduct an in-service training for any staff assigned to operate Ethos. This service package includes all parts and labor to ensure Ethos is functioning per manufacturer specification.


SelectCare12 is designed for annual verification per manufacturer IFU’s as well as in-service training with a CS Medical field service technician. The CS Medical employee will visit the healthcare facility where the Ethos cleaner disinfector is installed and perform the manufacturers testing to confirm device conformity to time and temperature. Once this activity is completed, the technician will deliver a single in-service training to any healthcare facility staff member that is charged with the operation of Ethos. This service package does not include any parts required to achieve manufacturer specifications.


SelectCare365 is CS Medical’s annual service contract that provides full post warranty coverage just like the original manufacturer’s warranty that was delivered with the device.  SelectCare365 also offers the healthcare facility the annual verification and training visit, unlimited seats to the 24/7/365 OnDemand training portal for staff training, a device loaner if needed, and even full replacement of the device if deemed necessary by CS Medical. If the 5,000 cycle Preventative Maintenance SelectCare CheckPoint service is required while SelectCare365 is in force, all aspects of SelectCare CheckPoint will be included at no additional fee to the healthcare facility.

SelectCare Direct

SelectCare Direct is designed for those healthcare facilities that wish for their internal biomedical or clinical engineering team to manage the day to day and annual requirement for Ethos automated cleaner disinfector. CS Medical has established a training program, conducted at the corporate headquarters in Creedmoor, NC over the course of 4 days to train and certify healthcare facilities selected biomedical and clinical engineers. The course will provide hands-on full understanding of how to troubleshoot, repair, and verify Ethos automated cleaner disinfector to meet manufacturer IFU’s.  At the conclusion of this weeklong training program the biomedical or clinical engineer will be able to support Ethos in all aspects that will allow compliance to the manufacturer’s IFU.  This training course includes the necessary tools and equipment to perform the annual verification and training, 5,000 cycle Preventative Maintenance, access to the Ethos service portal. 


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