Ethos® Automated Ultrasound Probe Cleaner Disinfector

Automated Cleaning and High-Level Disinfection of Transvaginal, Transrectal, and Surface Probes in One Device

Ethos Automated Ultrasound Probe Cleaner Disinfector is the first product of its kind to be cleared by the US FDA. Ethos provides both manufacturers recommended cleaning and high-level disinfection of soiled transvaginal, transrectal, and surface ultrasound probes in the same device.

Once the ultrasound probe is placed into Ethos and data is entered into the microprocessor reprocessing begins. The probe is first rinsed free of any gel or debris while the cleaning and disinfection liquid is being prepared and MRC is being validated automatically.

Ethos automated cleaner disinfector is fast and easy to use. The soiled probe must have the procedure cover removed prior to direct placement into Ethos, no additional steps are required to prepare the probe before it is placed into the device. Then, by following simple prompts on the color LCD display, the healthcare professional will scan information about the probe, disinfectant lot and their user ID. This data, in addition to other system data, will be printed on the reprocessing report at the conclusion of a completed cleaning and disinfection cycle.

For the healthcare facility and technician, Ethos removes the unknowns that exist with manual cleaning, manually reading of a chemical indicator strip or chip, and provides an added level of confidence that each endocavity or surface probe receives the same care during cleaning and disinfection every cycle.


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  • Validated and FDA cleared cleaning method for endocavity and surface probes

  • Validated and FDA cleared high-level disinfection method for endocavity and surface probes

  • High-level disinfection in 3 minutes

  • Automatic MRC testing, no manual strip or chip to read

  • 7” Color Touch Screen LCD with vivid user icons for easy operation

  • 5 nanometer filtered rinse water (0.005 micron) — FDA cleared Class II medical device

  • Advanced vapor management system

  • Data entry with integrated barcode scanner or manual keyboard entry

  • Printed disinfection and maintenance record with integrated printer

  • Tracking of maintenance events with reminders to improve device readiness and uptime

  • Electronic record logging of all cleaning, disinfection and maintenance events for download, retention of over 15,000 records held in memory

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    Validated and repeatable cleaning and high-level disinfection

    Reduced handling of an ultrasound probe

    Electronic record retention

    Simplified workflow

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U.S. Patent No. 11,660,362

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