AquaCide® Cleaner Disinfectant

Clean and disinfect endocavity and surface probes all in one formula
AquaCide Cleaner Disinfectant

CS Medical’s AquaCide is a cleaner disinfectant used with the Ethos® Automated Ultrasound Probe Cleaner Disinfector. Ethos is a microprocessor-controlled cleaner disinfector for transvaginal, transrectal, and surface ultrasound probes.

The cleaner disinfectant is a granulated peracetic acid formula with an anticorrosive agent, detergent, and other inactives supplied in a single-use container. The container is punctured at the time of use, immediately prior to closing the door and initiating the cycle. The AquaCide solution has an at use concentration of 3500 ppm of peracetic acid, with a pH of 8.5 to 9, within the Ethos probe chamber at a temperature of at least 47°C. AquaCide is sprayed on the probe for at least 3 minutes to complete cleaning and high-level disinfection.

AquaCide Testing and Approvals

Ethos and AquaCide have been tested by ultrasound probe manufacturers for material compatibility. AquaCide has been approved by these companies for use in the high-level disinfection of their individual ultrasound probes. Please contact your probe manufacturer for full details and compliance documentation.

QwikCheck Liquid Chemical Indicator

CS Medical’s QwikCheck™ Liquid Chemical Indicator provides a rapid, convenient means of indicating the concentration of peracetic acid in AquaCide disinfectant when used in the Ethos® Cleaner Disinfector.

QwikCheck liquid chemical indicator solution is designed exclusively for Ethos automated ultrasound probe cleaner disinfector and provides an effective and clear indication of concentration of the high-level disinfectant solution, AquaCide. Ethos samples the AquaCide solution by mixing a measured quantity of QwikCheck with AquaCide to determine if the minimum recommended concentration of 1750 ppm of peracetic acid is exceeded prior to allowing Ethos to move into the high-level disinfection stage.

Through automation and advanced electronics Ethos automatically determines if AquaCide is ready to achieve high-level disinfection of the soiled ultrasound probe in just 3-minutes. Ethos cleaner disinfector removes the potential failure points of manual test strips or chips that require the end user to read a color change or to remember to complete the step all together. Documentation of the MRC test passing or failing is automatically provided in the printed verification at the end of a cycle.


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